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hello, dear author ^^

ballet shoes - petrova fossil

i've always had a sympathy for Petrova because of all the slights almost everyone (including the author) gave her, both intentionally and unintentionally. eg: (Nana's clear favouritism against her, multiple people commenting negatively on her tomboyishness, interests in planes, dislike of dancing, and lack of looks, and even the author saying she'd never end up in history books.)
some prompts - take any or none of them. my only request is that if you could, give me something with a hopeful ending.
is petrova in the history books?
does she resent anyone for the slights they gave her?
what of her relationship with her sisters - does it exist, it is strained, is it good??
when she left with Gum - did he take her to be a pilot? how was her life with him? did she keep in touch with anyone else? were there some people she was happy to no longer talk to (those who slighted her as a child, perhaps), were there reconciliations if needed, who is she happy to meet and send letters to?
if she was a pilot, was she involved in the war? what happened? was she injured? 
anything related to her Russian heritage. (eg: she can't speak the language, she meets Russians who do. what are her feelings? does she try to learn or shy away for some reason? does she yearn to learn more about her culture?)
did she have her own family? (perhaps she had a traditional nuclear family, perhaps she had a less-traditional family, perhaps she also has found family, etc). if she does, does she tell them about her childhood? do they understand?
who are her friends?
likes: allusions to canon, angst to happy/hopeful ending, backstory, introspection, slice of life, ensemble fic (but please don't feel pressured)
for this, no complete AUs please.

anne of green gables - anne shirley, gilbert blythe

the otp before I knew what otps were. i've read all the books. happy to read anything, all I ask is that they end up together (if it is not an established relationship) and it at least has a hopeful ending.
happy to read any universe - canon-compliant, modified-canon, complete AU? you pick.
potential ideas, if you'd like
- modern AU - in the era of globalisation, people moving across continents, tinder, facebook etc, how does their relationship play out? do they get married? LDR? involved with other people? 
- diverges-from-canon AU - you pick which 'turning point' or 'epoch' it diverges. (eg: they get into a relationship later? earlier? anne forgives him earlier? later? he comes back to her earlier? later?)
- canon-compliant - moments that we didn't see in the books? moments from say, gilbert's pov? (since the books tend to be anne's pov), letters, talks, fights, thoughts etc we didn't see?
- we see so many things about Anne's social life and family. but what of Gilbert's? who are his friends, what is his relationship with his parents and extended family?
likes: allusions to canon, backstory, introspection, slice of life, romance, ensemble fic (but please don't feel pressured), angst to happy/hopeful ending

narnia - susan pevensie
oh susan, my darling darling misunderstood, headstrong, intense, passionate girl.
dear author, if you could, I would love anything that deals sympathetically (but doesn't shy away from the issues and angst) with the problem of susan. happy to read canon-compliant fic or fic that modifies certain details within canon (eg: the last book - perhaps not all of them die, leaving her alone, or something else. or perhaps taking details from the movies to modify canon).
perhaps she denied Narnia because she loved it too much and it was the only way she could compartmentalise the pain - not having anyone to talk to? perhaps that's why she sought to find solace in other things. perhaps later she realises she need Narnia desperately and calls for Aslan. what then? does she ever talk to Peter about her yearnings?
likes: allusions to canon, backstory, dealing with grey thorny issues, introspection, angst to happy/hopeful ending, slice of life, ensemble fic (but please don't feel pressured)
character death is okay if the character dies in canon (eg: the last book) even if you change the details of how/when they die. no graphic violence please.

please feel free to comment if you have questions or clarifications - anon posting is on <3

thank you so much in advance for indulging my decades-long love for these books.